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Translation of documents for legal bodies and commercial organizations

In the modern world, business globalization is a ticket to success and sustainable development of any organization or enterprise. Incorporation and registration documents, technical and commercial documents, patents, licenses and other consent documents as well as accounts, test protocols, operating manuals. All these documents as many others require translation, and in some cases apostilization or legalization is needed.

Translation of incorporation, commercial and also different financial and customs documents are the most popular types of translation performed for legal bodies and commercial organizations. Such popularity is conditioned by increasing number of companies which aspire to break into a world markets.

Increasingly frequently founders from different countries establish organizations with the mixed capital. Domestic companies are bought by foreign companies, then consolidation of firms of small business takes place for establishing big, competitive, and authoritative holding companies. In such a way translation of incorporation documents may be required by heads of the organization which aspires to become involved in long-term business relations with foreign partners.

Particularities of translation of incorporation and commercial documents

Incorporation, commercial, and other documents are essentially a legal platform which regulates kind of work and existence of legal bodies, namely enterprises and organizations. Full name of a company, its functionality and scope of application, actual and legal address and other data are stated in each incorporation document, it is necessary to follow its accuracy and sequence from document to document, from translation to translation.

What is the purpose of translated incorporation and commercial documents?

- Business relationships with foreign partners. Translation of incorporation documents may be required for concluding contracts with representatives of foreign companies. Besides that in this case translation may include work with legal acts that regulate collaboration, accounts and acts, customs and tax documentation, as well as other documents necessary both at the beginning stage and in the process of day-to-day work on a permanent basis.

- Opening of a foreign branch. In this case, a translation of incorporation documents is required to receive permission to organize a branch of a Ukrainian company abroad.

- Execution of contracts with foreign resident company. When concluding a formal agreement of collaboration, both parties must exchange their documentation in accordance with generally accepted standard language of international communication.

- Attraction of additional ways of financing from foreign sources. In this case, incorporation documents are required for obtaining financial support from investors, according to credit programs, as well as for using a full range of services of foreign banks.

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