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American English… World Language used all over the world in Business Language, Political Language, Common Speaking, Words for Romance, Reading, Printing in English, English Cursive (hand writing), Abbreviation of Words and Phrases, Texting (SMS) and more than 101 Phrases Anyone can learn a language at any age if they are determined to want to learn. The one language though that is used all around the world is American English. Large companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Chevrolet and many others use American English to talk to each other in every country. Small companies that buy and sell products all over the world uses American English to speak to each other.

Diplomats from most countries use American English to speak to each other. What does that tell you? That if we know American English we can have a whole New World opened up to us for useful opportunities. Do you need to go to America just to learn American English? No you do not! There are many very good Ukrainian, Russian and American English speaking teachers in this city.

You can also go on line and learn English. It is better to have a live teacher though that can help you pronounce the words and you can ask questions than a program on the Internet teach you. Ok, now let’s say you have chosen to have a teacher to teach you. Now you need to know how much English you need and how much grammar for what you want to use it for in life. Then you need to learn what are verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives and other ways to help you to understand American English. You want to know American English for Business? You will need to know how to communicate with people from other countries and if they have poor English grammar you will have to be able to understand them. I have dealt with companies from other countries that the person had poor American English grammar. I was able to figure out what they where saying because I understand the basics of American English. What if you want to be a translator? Again, you need to know the basic American English a long with terms and phrases. Terms and phrases such as:

Joe ( cup of coffee), give me five ( slapping some ones hand with your hand ), Get your ducks in a row ( have everything in order ), Indian-giver ( give something to some one then take it back ), Dime bag ( to buy illegal drug for $10 ). The list goes on and on. I have worked with many translators and they find it very interesting in learning the different phrases. Let’s say you want to learn to communicate with some one from the opposite sex that is in America. If you’re a woman you will need to know what the man means when he says sweetie, honey, beautiful, sugar, darling and many more. With learning American English you will learn the culture from a good teacher. For a man you will also need to learn how to speak to the woman with out insulting the woman and understand her culture. What about texting (SMS)? In American English you can abbreviate words in a sentence to make the sentence shorter and quicker for texting. For an example: Hey John, how are you? (hey j hru), be right back (brb), I did not know that before, did you? (I did know b4 did u), yes I will go tomorrow (yes I go 2morrow), laugh out loud (lol), facebook (fb). This is used a lot in texting and on web pages like facebook, Skype, Yahoo IM, blog sites and others... A live good teacher can teach you these better than and Internet sites. I understand all these that is why I can understand poor grammar in other countries and can communicate with them. I have spoke to people in China, Hong Kong, many countries in Africa and British English. Many American can not understand British English. The grammar is not the same and many words are different.

Bert J McElrath Jr

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